Potters Gate Travel Plan Working Party

As part of the conditions for obtaining planning permission for the expansion of the school to make us in to a 3 form entry school at KS2 (Junior) level the school was required to submit a travel plan to the council.  This outlined the ways in which we as a school would support and encourage sustainable ways for children and staff to travel to school and in effect reduce the number of car journeys made and therefore the amount of traffic around the school.

A Potters Gate Travel Plan Working Party has been set up and the first meeting was held in July.  This Working Party consists of school pupils, staff, parents, local residents and a school governor.  They are looking at ways of implementing the Travel Plan.  A travel survey was undertaken in February 2019 and a further survey will be done in the Autumn Term 2019.

The Travel Plan Working Party has come up with some ideas such as a car sharing scheme, more bicycle and scooter parking and lots of awareness raising publicity.  Look out for the new noticeboard which will appear in the playground soon and will contain lots of ideas and information.

If you would like to read the Travel Plan please click here.

To read the minutes of the inaugural TPWP meeting clickTravel Plan Working Party Meeting