Maths Information

At Potters Gate, we teach mathematics so that all pupils develop their understanding and skills across the mathematics curriculum. Mathematics is taught in a structured way following the 2014 National Curriculum with the support of a scheme of work. Throughout their time at Potters Gate, children will have the opportunity to explore the mathematics curriculum using a range of resources and methods. All learning is put into a real-life context where possible to help them understand the role of mathematics in the world around them.

Mathematics is taught daily throughout the school and includes the teaching of number, calculations, problem solving and weekly investigations. Children are given time to consolidate new concepts and the opportunity to apply the skills they have learnt throughout the topic. Mathematical language is introduced and encouraged from the beginning of their learning to support their understanding and to help them discuss their own learning.

Maths is regularly included in the homework timetable as well as the learning of times tables. Times tables and mental arithmetic are a vital part to the mathematics curriculum and are included in the weekly timetable throughout the school.


Please click here to see the presentation given at the Maths Workshop held at school on 2nd December 2016.