Year I trip to Gilbert White’s House

On Wednesday 27th April Year 1 visited the Gilbert White’s House and Museum to learn about the Antarctic. We explored the museum to find out about Captain Scott and Oates’s Antarctic expedition and their equipment. We made our own expedition to the top of the ‘zig zag’ path with our class flag. We got to explore some tents and sledges that had been used on a real Antarctic adventure!


Hedgehogs at Gilber White's House


Year 1 trip to Gilbert White's House 

Year 1 trip to Gilbert White 2


Year 1 trip to Farnham Museum

Hedgehogs visit to Farnham Museum 

On Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th January, Hedgehog and Squirrel class visited The Museum of Farnham. We learnt about life at school in the Victorian times. We were taught by a very strict teacher and practised writing and the times tables on slate boards and with ink dip pens. We took part in drill at playtime, had a look around the museum and investigated lots of Victorian artefacts.