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At Potters Gate and St Andrews School we believe that pupils have the right of freedom of expression. Through high quality art education that engages, inspires and challenges, pupils will develop the skills and knowledge to create and experiment.


Pupils will develop a sense of fellowship and community through collaborative projects and work with local artists and institutions within the context of a World Craft Town. Pupils will also experience the cultures of others through looking at the work of specific artists, workshops in school and visits to institutions outside our local area.


In our classrooms, children feel safe and trusted to make decisions and to express themselves without the fear of being wrong or different to their peers. Pupils are given time to communicate and reflect using meta-cognitive skills and are given the opportunity to learn from their peers, celebrating differences in views and ideas.


Pupils will leave our schools resilient, and confident to express their ideas as they process their experiences of the world around them.

Each year the Year 6 children take part in a collaborative art project. This involves the children learning new skills and then leaving behind the work they have created as a gift. This is displayed  for them to see if ever they return and for the enjoyment of the rest of the school.


We have been awarded the Artsmark Silver Award!




Making Matters Brick Workshop December 2021

Some of our pupils had the opportunity to contribute to a sculpture for the town centre.  They carved into wet bricks, which were donated by the UCA to the Making Matters Team. These bricks are currently in the Window of The Herald. These will be used this year to create a new sculpture for Farnham by the same artist who used carved bricks to create a sculpture in the UCA garden.

Brick workshop 1

Brick 3

  The Big Weave October 2021

The idea of this craft project was a creative way to bring the school community back together after the past year. Families were given a length of fabric to dye at home. Some families marbled with nail varnish, some used flowers, some used spices and others used paints and pens. It was great to see all the different approaches. Families were then invited to add their fabric to one of the seven weaving stations across our playground. They weaved their fabric into the orange fencing which was once used to divide the reception and KS1 bubbles during the lockdowns. These weaves will be connected to make two large weaves; one, which will be displayed in our communal school hall and the second we hope to be exhibited in a space in Farnham. This project was completed in October to coincide with Farnham craft month. 


Weaving 2

Weaving 4

Year 6 Leaver's Art 2020

Using a grant from the South Street Trust, we were able to have sculptor Graeme Mitcheson work in Potters Gate for 3 days. (Although usually these project are done by Year 6, due to Covid19 and year 6 not being in school, the year 5's took over.)

The project started with the children drawing natural/wildlife sketches from which the work was based. Graeme worked on the large owl sculpture whilst the children all had opportunity to learn some stone carving techniques to carve the smaller images. 
The project will eventually reside in the 'well being' garden.

Year 6 Leaver's Art  2019


This year the children worked with local artist, Denise Jacques. She makes wonderful mosaic designs and sculptures. We commissioned her to create, with the children, two mosaic shards to be used in the new ‘Well Being’ garden that is currently being planned. Every child worked on the project helping with the designs and completion of two beautiful, sparkling glass and tile garden sculptures.